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The National Board of school Education was registered. To provide professional services to the government and other agencies in the field of education, in general, and school education, in particular, for the development and growth of distance and open school system and develop appropriate curriculum for vocational and continuing education to prepare student population for the world of work. To establish linkages with traditional education systems like State Open Schools, Sanskrit Boards and Madarsas with mainstream education system with mobility across them and equivalence between them, the NBSE wishes to work in close collaboration with the Open Schools, State Open Schools, Sanskrit Boards and Madarsas. In this regard, NBSE will also follow the norms for conducting examinations as also follow National Curriculum Framework, 2005, as amended from time to time. National Board of School Education was envisaged as a comprehensive instructional delivery institution that offered the liberty to students to get education without the bottleneck of attending daily classes. We have succeeded in creating a distance education program as a planned extended learning endeavour. NBSE has gained an expertise in delivering instructional resources and thereby providing opportunities to students located away from the organization. We have expanded our distance education program in India.With comprehensive online solutions for the students, our motto is to help everyone in need of quality education in all corners of the world. The remarkable contribution of NBSE in the field of education has been to achieve Discipline andquality of education which is the backbone of NBSE. The Nationality policy on Education suggested strengthening of NBSE for extending open learning facilities in a phased manner at High School&Intermediate levels all over the country and abroad as an independent system with its own curriculum and examination leading to awarding of certificates. What makes NBSE a convenient and viable approach towards education is that students get the facility of online admission and their enrollment number is given right way. Moreover, the online study material is provided in different languages as per the subjects opted by the students or their preference. We also provide online verification of the results of the pass out students. Our vision of providing education to school students in India and students or working professional abroad has taken shape by way of the expansion of instructional delivery facilities In India and abroad. These educational facilities are intended to target specific needs of students all over the world. How does NBSE Function? NBSE operates through a network of five Departments, Regional Centres and Accredited Institutions (Study Centres) in India and abroad. It has a current enrolment of about 0.4 million students at Secondary, Senior Secondary & Vocational levels which makes it the Second largest open schooling system in the world.Read More